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Chief Clean Hospital Mops

Chief Clean hospital mops are designed for the specific needs of hospital cleaning. All of our hospital mops are built for durability and reinforced for strength. Chief Clean's wide range of hospital mops are well suited for a variety of healthcare applications and settings, whether for hospitals, senior centers, or doctor and dentist offices. Chief Clean has both wet and dust mops for commercial usage and all come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Chief Clean hospital mops are being used in hospitals, senior living homes and schools throughout the country. For all of these types of clean-up locations, maintaining a clean and sanitized environment is crucial for all cleaning supplies that are used. Our microfiber hospital mops and pads can be used in patient rooms and exam rooms to reduce the ongoing risk of cross contamination from one room to another. Chief Clean has the capacity to produce wire bent and flat steel components, robotic welded components, plastic injected parts, blow molded bottles, and powder coated finished components to a wide array of markets in the hospital and other commercial applications.

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