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Chief Clean Laundry Bag Holders

The Chief Clean laundry bag holders are made to exacting standards and are tough enough to sustain constant usage and overloaded laundry bags. The laundry bag holders are made of heavy gage powder coated steel wire that is adjustable to fit most commercial laundry bags. This sturdy steel construction can hold up against daily wear and tear. The scissor-like frame allows the holder to fold flat for storage. Because of its weight and compact storage structure, it is economical to ship. The laundry bag holders are black or silver powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

With the capacity to produce wire bent and flat steel components, robotic welded components, plastic injected parts, and powder coated finished components to a wide array of markets, Chief Clean's diversity of capabilities redefines itself on a daily basis. Whether it is laundry bag holders or other commercial cleaning tools, what remains the same within the company is the family ownership and focus on quality and performance of all our products.

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Commercial Laundry Bags - Colors

Nylon or Poly/Cotton Laundry Bags


Our commercial grade 100% nylon or 50%/50% Poly/Cotton Laundry Bags are the standard bags used in the laundry industry.  These bags are equipped with a sewn in hanging loop and draw cord accompanied with a tie lock.

Assorted Colors available. (Please specify if you require specific color. Pricing Available.)

PVC Laundry Bag (On Stand - Side) 

PVC/PE Mesh Commercial Laundry Bags

Commercial Laundry Bags - PVC Mesh Commercial Laundry Bags We supply affordable durable commerical laundry bags in PVC coated mesh bags to the commerical linen service pick up bags and uniform servie pickup bags. We supply affordable durable commerical laundry bags in PVC coated mesh bags to the commerical linen service industry and commerical uniform service and bio hazard bags to the health care linen servie industry. We offer the finest commerical laundry bag in PVC and PE. Please contact us to discuss pricing and bag options.
  • Standard bag size is 28" x 36" for easy handling
  • Tapered size if 28" + 18" x 36"
  • 8 one hole inch nylon tie loops for easy closure
  • Flat 1/2 inch tubed polyester draw cord prevents ...

Laundry Bag Stand 

Laundry Bag Stands

The bag stand, made of 5/16" wire, is adjustable to fit most laundry bags. It folds flat for storage and economical shipping. It is black powder coated to prevent corrosion.

Hanger Stand 

Laundry Hanger Stands

The hangerstand is made of 1/4" wire. It will provide a neat and space-saving method to store hangers. The Hangerstand is designed to accommodate most sizes of industrial wire hangers. A junior size is availble for smaller hangers. Black powder coated to prevent rusting.